Thursday, June 4, 2020

DIY Tutorial : Pompom String Plant Pot

Assalamualaikum, hi!

Jangan terkejut baca post Sha dalam bahasa Malaysia. Finaly Sha decide untuk menaip dalam bahasa kebangsaan je (tapi ada lah campur bahasa lain sikit jadi bahasa rojak after all kita kat Malaysia kan berbilang kaum berbilang bahasa. Gituhhh) Lately kan banyak isu pasal kebolehan rakyat Malaysia untuk berbahasa kebangsaan sebab apparently ada rakyat Malaysia yang langsung tidak tahu berbahasa Malaysia, which is PELIK GILA okay. Lagi satu sebab bila berbahasa Malaysia ni Sha rasa lebih dekat dengan pembaca (ada ke orang baca blog aku ni πŸ˜‚)

Ok lah kembali ke content asal, hari ni Sha nak kongsi satu projek DIY yang best dan senang gila gila! Kalau nak tau, Sha suka gila DIY projects atau handmade ni. Walaupun makan masa untuk siapkan, tapi Sha suka DIY sebab seronok dan sangat therapeutic, selain boleh isi masa dengan benda berfaedah. Elok lah dari baca gosip dan membawang kat media sosial tu πŸ˜† Dulu Sha start meniaga pun dengan jual barang-barang handmade tapi sekarang dah bersuami beranak pinak jadi masa yang ada tak banyak untuk ber-DIY sangat. So this is rare okay please appreciate my effort! πŸ˜‚

Hari ni Sha nak ajar macam mana nak DIY mencantikkan pasu bunga plastik. Since sekarang tengah in trend indoor plants, biasanya kalau beli pokok kita akan dapat pasu plastik warna oren tu. Tak payah susah-susah nak re-pot dalam pasu lain, korang boleh terus buat DIY project ni.

Terimalah video tutorial projek DIY pertama dari Sha! Hehe. Memandangkan ni pertama kali Sha buat video tutorial DIY, Sha pilih projek yang senang nak buat untuk korang ikut. I really love the results! Korang suka tak? Drop your opinions in the comments section ok!

Ok guys tu je untuk kali ni. Kalau korang ada cuba atau inspired dari tutorial ni jangan lupa share kat Instagram and tag Sha okay! I'll come back for more DIY tutorials soon!

With love,

Scha R.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

My New Makeup Products Lose Their Virginity Today!

Assalamualaikum, hi guys! You know what, I have just realized that I'm such an impulsive shopper. When I was cleaning and organizing my vanity space I noticed that I have so many unopened makeup products. I bought so many of them but I always ended up not using it for such a long period of time because it's either I'm usually just staying at home so there's no necessity for me to put on makeups or I always use the same makeup products over and over again.

But I have decided that I don't want these products to go to waste, so I played with my makeup the other day and I just want to share my verdict on these products that I have just tried on for the first time.

This is the whole look that I have created. I want it to be artistic, but simple, so here you go. Please appreciate my effort πŸ˜‚ I got the inspiration to do this makeup look on Pinterest, and I really love how it is so simple but extra at the same time. You know what I mean?

For this look, I'm using dUCk Cookie Eyeshadow Palette, liquid lipstick from Khaf Cosmetics in code Hariesa and Becca BFF KhloexMalika Glow Letters.

dUCk Cookie Eyeshadow Palette

You know how hyped up this brand is and obviously I joined the hype πŸ˜‚ This is a limited edition palette from dUCk Cosmetics that was released a year ago, I think. I bought it because I love the shades, it's not just perfect for daily use, you can also play around with the shades to create a bold look. Basically the matte shades are super gorgeous and pigmented, and they're really easy to work with. The glitter shades are almost as good, but I found that I have to apply it a few times to really see the shades on my eyelids. My Favorite shades will be 70% Cocoa and Sugar Dust! Overall, formula wise, the palette is quite decent. If you still don't have these kind of shades for your eyeshadow then you should totally get one. Packaging wise, it's just a normal looking eyeshadow palette. I love that the palette is magnetic and it has a build-in mirror. It's totally a plus point especially if you're someone who's always doing your makeup on the go.

Khaf Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

The first time I laid eyes on them I fell in love instantly. I super love the lip shaped tin packaging, it reminds me of Huda Beauty lip kit packaging because they look totally the same, but this one is a local brand and they're waaayy cheaper than Huda Beauty of course! The liquid lipstick comes together with a matching shade of lipgloss. The price is surprisingly affordable at only RM45 per set! I really didn't expect it as for me, the packaging is quite exclusive. I bought 2 shades, Hariesa and Fathia. Both shades are super gorgeous, and I super love the texture of the matte liquid lipstick. I have been a fan of Sephora Lip Stain and this lipstick from Khaf Cosmetics have almost the same texture which is lightweight, thin but pigmented. It has a scent but it doesn't smell weird so I'm totally okay with it. I really love the applicator because it is pointed, so it's really easy to apply the lipstick precisely on your lips. I would highly recommend you guys to get this for yourself too, I'm sure you will love it as much as I do! 

Becca BFF KhloexMalika Glow Letters

I have always love products from Becca, but this one is a complete disappointment. This product literally received so many bad reviews from many makeup enthusiasts around the world. I bought it because it was on 50% discounts, and I really love the concept of the product, I mean, highlighter and bronzer in the shape of letters, so freaking cute! But it's only cute in pictures πŸ˜‚ As you can see, the letters are very fragile, even when they put a sponge in the box to keep it in place, some of the letters are broken. Don't get me started on the packaging. I don't know why such a high end brand releasing a product based on collaboration with public figures can look and feel so cheap like this. The box is made of paper, and it's not well made. You can see that the packaging makes it looks like a cheap, knockoff product. The highlighter and bronzer are not really pigmented, I have to apply it a few times to make the color pop. Since I bought it at half the original price, I really don't mind the packaging and the pigmentation since I can still work with it. But I wouldn't suggest you guys to buy this at all, you can definitely get a much better product with much more quantity at the same price or even cheaper than this.

There's only 3 products in this post, I have tonnes more of unopened makeup products that I hope I will use as soon as possible. I'm still looking for ideas for my next makeup look. If you have a suggestion on what look should I recreate, do drop a comment to let me know!

Till next time, bye!

Scha R. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

DIY Thrift Flip : Denim Dress Transformation

Assalamualaikum, hi guys!

For the past couple of months I have been hoarding clothing from the thrift stores near me, planning to do another DIY thrift flip. I have a trunk load full of them lying around, sitting there collecting dusts. Now is the time to actually start on the DIY project so that I can actually wear these clothing that I bought πŸ˜‚

This sleeveless denim dress definitely caught my eyes. I love the minimal embroidery on the shoulder area, it's just so pretty! Honestly I'm not cool enough to pull this off, I just don't know how to style this piece and it doesn't look good on me πŸ˜‚ I'm going to turn it into a denim skirt, so it will be easier for me to match it with any tops, plus, I urgently need a denim skirt to add into my wardrobe. It will costs me at least RM100 for a new piece of denim skirt, but I got this online for only RM30 so it's totally a steal! I just need some creativity, time and a little effort to make this work πŸ˜‰

I love simple DIY projects, something that is not that hard to do and not consuming much time. Even if you have no basic sewing skills, you can definitely do this yourself too! So without further ado, let's get started! 

Things you will need :

Any long dress
Thread and needle (or in my case I'm using a sewing machine) 
Elastic band

First of all, lay down your dress on a flat surface. Draw a straight line just below the waist line of the dress, then cut the dress along the line. 

You will now have two separated pieces of the dress. I'm gonna save the top for another project. Besides, the top part is actually the reason why I bought the dress in the first place. As this dress actually has functioning buttons, and I don't want that on my skirt, so I sewed a straight line next to the buttons to keep the front part of the skirt intact. 

My dress has pockets on each one of its sides so I removed it before I proceed on sewing the waistband casing. If you're working on a dress without pockets, you can continue to the next step, which is to sew the elastic band casing. 

It is really easy, you just have to fold the upper part of the skirt twice, for about an inch wide (as I'm using a 1 inch wide elastic band). You can use pins to secure them in places. As for a pro like me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I don't need to do that haha! I continue sewing the casing, leaving some space for me to insert the band into the casing. 

As for the measurement of the elastic band, just measure your waist, minus 1 inch to get the perfect fit. For example, my waist is 28 inches, so my elastic band measurement will be 27 inches long. Then, insert the elastic into the casing. I stuck a safety pin at the end of it so it will be easier for me to pull the elastic all the way through the casing so that it comes out on the other side. 

Moving on to the next step, we're almost done! Sew the remaining opening in your waistband, connecting with the previous stitching. Make sure your gathers are spread evenly. I like to secure the elastic in place by sewing it down in the middle of the waistband just like in the photo. 
And, we're done!

Here's the result of my simple DIY thrift flip. I'm so in love with this skirt! It's very casual and suitable for everyday use. You can style the skirt with a simple top and a pair of sneakers for a casual day out, or you can also pair it with blazers and midi heels if you want that chic yet glamorous vibe. 

That's all for now. I already have so many thrift flip ideas in my mind and I can't wait to share them with you. Do share with me if you did any DIY projects, I would love to see it! Till next time! 

With love, 
Scha R. 

Friday, July 5, 2019

The Definition of Beauty

Living in Malaysia, I can't deny that almost everyone, boys and girls, dreamt of having light-colored skin even though naturally we are blessed with these gorgeous "sawo matang" skin tone. Having light colored skin was the definition of beautiful, at least for me (and uh, like a hundred of thousands of other people). When I was in middle school, whitening skin products were a hit, and one of the most popular brands which appeared regularly on TV was Fair & Lovely. As a tanned skin girl, I told myself I have to whiten my skin to look pretty too, so that boys will like me. 

I can still remember some of the remarks that I received from my schoolmates about my skin color. Most of them didn't really mean to hurt my feelings, but they did drained my confidence level. I remember being called "bangla" because of my skin tone. While I was playing basketball for fun at the school basketball court, a chinese boy told me to team up with his friend, because apparently, "dia suka hitam". It was a few years after that I realised how racist that remark was πŸ˜‚ As cliche as it might be, of course the guy I like didn't like me back. Thank god I have the greatest friends a girl can have who really love me for who I am. 

A younger me thought that being beautiful equals having light skin color. Now that I'm older I have finally embraced and definitely in love with my  skin color. I can see now that most Malaysian have changed their definition of beauty too.

Girls, you don't need light colored skin to feel beautiful. The most important thing that you need to do to have self confidence and to be beautiful is to love yourself. No matter what color you are, always remember that you are beautiful in your own special ways. Just remember to stay humble, focus on beautifying your manners and spread positive vibes wherever you go.

With love,

Scha R. 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

A'bloom by Althea Korea

Assalamualaikum, hi guys!

I've been so busy lately trying to juggle between being a good wife and mom, and running an online business, hence the hiatus (again πŸ˜†) But I'm currently taking a break from my business in hopes that I can focus more on my daughters and creating contents for my blog and social media. I'm just so excited for everything and hopefully everything will turn out accordingly 😊

By the way, I just wanna share with you guys that I have just received a parcel from Althea Korea, and it is the perfect opportunity for me to start posting on my blog again! Thank you Althea Korea and Butterfly Projects Malaysia πŸ’—️

I don't think I have to introduce Althea Korea to you guys anymore. They're the best platform to go to if you would like to buy Korean Beauty, Skincare and Makeup Products. Recently they have just launched their new in-house brand called A'bloom (even the name of the product range is so cute!) and I'm one of the lucky ones to receive them, yay!

You know I'm a sucker for cute product packaging. Sometimes I buy stuffs just because the packaging is super cute, they make me go 'awwww' and these A'bloom Fruity Sheet Masks are definitely included in that category πŸ˜‚ There are 4 sheet masks with different formulas for each one of your skin needs. 

Price : RM2 per sheet, or RM18 for 10 sheet masks. 

Key Ingredients : Watermelon Extract, Lavender Extract, Trehalose

Functions : It helps hydrating the skin, keeping it plump and supple, and prevents flaky and dry complexion. 

Key Ingredients : Lemon Extract, Lime Extract, Niacinamide

Functions : Brightening the skin and fading dark spots. 

Key Ingredients : Peach Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Extract

Functions : Soothes sensitive skin as the peach extract contains vitamin A which regulates oil and moisture balance of the skin, resulting in even and healthy complexion. 

Key Ingredients : Avocado Extract, Hibiscus Flower Extract

Functions : This anti-aging face mask is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E to prevent fine lines from appearing and improves the skin elasticity, making your skin looks younger and youthful. 

My thoughts : I love the smells of these masks! It sticks well on my face and the portion of the essence used is generous too! I can already feel the difference before and after applying these masks on my face, but of course for better results you would have to use these consistently. Overall, I will definitely recommend you to try them since the price is very affordable and the cute packaging is definitely a plus point for me. Ok I think I'm just gonna go hoard them all for myself

*quickly adding them to cart now*

Next is the BHA Blackhead Blaster. I super love the fact that it exists in this very space-saving packaging, so it is very convenient to bring this magical beautifying stick while you are travelling.

Price : RM19

Ingredients : Natural BHA, Charcoal, Apricot Seed Powder

Functions : Removes blackheads, lifting dead skin cells, minimize enlarged pores and prevents future blackheads and whiteheads from forming.

My thoughts : Honestly, this product is very convenient in terms of the packaging. It is packed as a stick for easy application, and very travel friendly as the size of the tube is small and you can just chuck it into your makeup bag. I have used this a couple of times and it works wonder on me! It is mess-free and very gentle on the skin too. Upon rinsing off the product from my face, I can feel that my skin is smoother and softer. 100% would recommend you guys to try this product too!

Giant and baby meringue puffs. 


Baby Meringue Puff : RM15 per pack of 3

A'bloom has also came out with their own beauty tools, the cute and squishy Giant and Baby Meringue Puffs. It is made of high density latex free foam, you can really feel that the material of the puff is of very high quality. Honestly, I'm not really into makeup sponges as I prefer using brushes, but these puffs really work well! I prefer to use it when dampen, as it gives the whole seamless look and even product application on my skin. However, I also find it is kinda hard to use it on the hard-to-reach parts on the face because of its shape, but overall it is still acceptable for me. Plus, it's totally super cheap and again, it won't hurt to give this product a try. It's also super cute, so if you ended up not using it, you can turn it into a cute vanity table decor or flatlay material πŸ˜†

Overall, I really would recommend you guys to try these products from A'bloom by Althea Korea as it is affordable, even I am quite surprised when I saw the price tag πŸ˜‚ This product is fresh, fun, cute and suitable for girly girls like us, and they are already available for retail on Althea Korea website. Let me know in the comment section if you have or wanting to try out this product, and share your thoughts with me okay! 

Until next time, bye! 

With love, 

Scha R. 
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